In the tricked-out garage of a big white house on a hill beneath the Blue Ridge near Asheville, N.C., music was made. Mutt music, to be precise. Mutt music happens when two Pennsylvania boys get together, combining the shared influences of rock ‘n roll, reggae, Jazz, and bluegrass while remaining true to their working class roots and country-lovin’ sentiments. Grass-roots rockgrass. Rock-roots muttgrass. Corn liquor meets craft beer with a Hot Toddy chaser. Since forming in 2010, the band--Dan on guitar/vocals, Seth on mandolin/vocals--have toured hard, playing 219 shows in 2014. They are known for their raucous sound, gentlemanly manners and the good-natured foot-stompin’ and tail-waggin’ that comes naturally to every friendly mutt you know. Wherever they are, it’s sure to be a circus, and you are surely welcome.

Live at Highland Brewing Co. 2013

We have launched our Indiegogo crowd funding campaign to get a NEW MUTT BUS!!! We are offering a sliding scale of perks for all your contributions, from new Mutt stickers to Livestock tickets and all the way up to private concerts. Click the link below and check out the cool video we made to see how you can help. Please share this link with your friends and thank you for your help!

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